At Empathy we believe in the self, in the immense power contained in hope and self determination to resolve every challenge, one by one, one after another.

Hierarchical structures, in our view, offer no value and in fact undermine self management. Development teams shall be given the right to control the work they do. Such responsibility implies accountability.

Management and technical tasks shall be capabilities contained on each developer and no-one better than the people who know what needs to be done to organise it. Empowerment is the keyword that defines self management and flat organisational structures, a concept that makes us feel valued and triggers higher commitment.

The challenge lies in redefining inherited traditional organisational models and mindsets, where we expect to operate as interrelated components of a chain rather than independent and self managed entities. These habits are unfortunately well embedded into our behavioural working patterns and the process of breaking through them is time consuming but rewarding.

Give the power and the excitement that comes with it, take the power to one an each technical team member to create, build a company culture or business reasoning that sets the tone and rhythm you believe in.