EmpathyBroker and RichRelevance have collaborated through an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) agreement to create a new Search Product. The new Search Engine for e-commerce (to be marketed by RichRelevance) is named FIND; a ground braking development that adds personalisation to each user experience, dealing with the real challenge of e-Commerce Search, that is; the emotional and subjective nature of people’s intentions when searching for things to buy.

Search is a challenge, as difficult and complex as attractive and interesting. At EmpathyBroker we aim with determination to create new ways to solve this extraordinary challenge.

Search performance is ruled by the varying and unpredictable (in principle) intentions of People. A challenge that to be solved requires reflecting on what is that which makes us unique in our intentions, and once captured, to be able to match results to it.

RichRelevance’s Find will be marketed by RichRelevance while EmpathyBroker will continue to evolve its underlaying platform to the benefit of its market and customer base.