We live in a hurry, every day of our lives. But there are some days when we suddenly realize that the most important thing in life can’t go in the last place. Health is a big industry in our society but probably also the last industry in the top of mind within the concept ‘ ecommerce ’. is the Spanish leader online drugstore delivering health products, skincare, vitamins and more all over the country. When a user goes through whatever ecommerce, it seems like the site search engine asks: ‘what do you want?’ But in case of a health ecommerce site search would rather say: ‘What do you NEED?’

With more than 30.000 products, PromoFarma’s users were in need of solid search engine that solves urgent and not so urgent demands. Furthermore, users were in need of online reliable drugstore. In this way, EmpathyBroker’s site search engine becomes a fundamental sales conversion tool. FINDABILITY , the power or percentage that a certain keyword can be found by website users, is the main goal in which EmpathyBroker is working hard with PromoFarma. But it is not magic; many features are being implemented and improving every day to offer the best service.


One of the most important features is the AUTOSUGGEST site search that shows keywords based in other users searches, popular keywords and successful findability. When products are shown on the grid, filters do its best job helping users to refine their search. Also, by using EQUALIZE tool , PromoFarma can manage the order of its products taking in account different criteria as sales, product range, etc.

And what about cross-selling performance? Yes, with EmpathyBroker it is possible to implement one of the
best ecommerce sales strategies
thanks to
thereby, PromoFarma can show bandaids next to hydrogen peroxide when a user is searching for this product. Very useful, isn’t it?

But not only EmpathyBroker is powerful by showing products and category products: blog content is indexed on site search to offer a complete experience. Are you looking for health advice? Well, there you have your advice and find also great-related products that will solve your problem.