imaginariun desktop Nowadays, it seems that traditional toys and games have been replaced by more technological toys, videogames and mobile apps . Then, the ability of imagination has been also replaced by tap , click and like actions. However, there is another ability that can keep imagination alive: the REINVENTION. And reinvention is the concept that defines the philosophy of one of the biggest toys’ brand around the world: IMAGINARIUM

This Spanish company focus its ‘ strategy game ’ on developing educational and magical toys. And that’s exactly what IMAGINARIUM needed in its website: a little bit of magic. imaginariun mobile EmpathyBroker’s site search engine has been implemented few weeks ago in 15 languages and we can see already results: in just 15 days conversions metrics have notably risen. Magic? No. We prefer call it FINDABILITY ; almost 20% of users that have typed a keyword on the new site search clicked on a product. How did we make it? In one hand, our new feature AUTOSUGGEST allows to find more results than a user can imagine; user can go to the point of what he/she is looking for or just explore through different results. In the other hand, it is very important to know how to adapt features to different needs; in this case, the BUY button has been implemented in each product of page results, so we can track all users actions, gain insights and improve some navigation points in short term. Around 3000 toys and games are waiting to be played on IMAGINARIUM’s catalogue. What are you waiting for finding them? imaginariunsitesearch