Pokemon GO fever is trending topic this summer (leaving apart the dreaded ‘summer song’). Since this augmented reality game became a social phenomenon, detractors and zealots have emerged to discuss about it. Social Networks are fuming and the popularity of the game increases even when people love it or hate it. What is indubitable is that Pokemon GO is an expert hunter. Thousand of players stay with their eyes focused in their smartphones’ screen as they walk along, when they meet their friends or when they go shopping. Something that many eCommerces will definitely pay for. pokemos go EmpathyBroker Thanks to psycogaming post by Adrián Triglia , psychologist and editor in Psicología y Mente , we could understand that the success of this game is not by chance and that some principles can be transferred to an eCommerce strategy :


It may be obvious that a launching may create excitement. But not every launching becomes trendy. Pokemon Go owns it success to a specific group: Pokemon fans. A group of people who has remained inert since 90s and nowadays are overruned by nostalgy. eCommerce shops should have the ability to store a history of Top Sales and Top Internal searches . This, together with the detection of prescribers (heavy users of our eCommerce or potential users) could turn a simple launching in a stunning moment of sales.


If there is something more interesting to buy a product it is to show that you have it. In the case of Pokemon GO achievements (hunts) can be shared on different social networks; in this way the players are part of a whole and seek approval / recognition from others. Similarly, a product earns psychological value when displayed with pride and it generates desirability. It is therefore important to always have sharing buttons from the product sheet, through the wishlist, until the final purchase.


In his post, Adrian Triglia said that “collecting increases the duration of the game… creating small peaks of temporary pleasure when a new item is achieved”.

Accumulate items or property is in the DNA of our consumer society. And we do not talk about the final purchase of the product but about the process or navigation. They say that happiness is not the destination but the journey . Include wishlist option in our ecommerce or a carousel of “recently viewed” draw the path of our navigation creating a story and accumulating elements “we found along the way.” These tools add value to navigation and to keep valuable time spent by the user.