So many colours, captivating prints, playfulness branding actions consume this Spanish brand that encourage people to “ Find your atypical look “. Because people who buy Desigual , like to be different, original and unusual. So do they offer a common Search Engine for their users? Not at all. A Big search bar and large text that attracts users to search and find. For sure users enjoy the experience. desigual-post-by-empathybroker Nowadays it is common to hear about omnichannel strategies. But it is as common to be confused when trying to understand both the concept itself and its benefits for the company. Thus, as Desigual loves confusing, different and stunning things, it was obvious to think with an omnichannel strategy in mind that helps the brand to be aligned to its online customers’ needs. Desigual’s ecommerce site search plays a critical role in the customer journey. Search results are powered with omnichannel data . Such as online and offline sales, shop assistants in stores using the search feature to check product stock availability. Desigual e-commerce site has all of this data and has the capacity to show it to its customers. desigual-post-by-empathybroker2 How do they do it?

  • Nice product display with large images & infinite scrolling through search results.
  • Best ranked products are shown in first place.
  • Users can link to product category pages when they are finding their searches.
  • Offline sales also are considered in online data: ranking of products influenced by relevance model that includes online and offline sales and stock availability criteria.
  • Most popular searches are considered and boosted for each user.
  • Links to minimize user frustration searching for services such as store locations, returns. A happy user is a returning user.
  • When a product is out of stock, the search results page will show the same product in a different colour/size (if available), or similar products from the same product category.
  • Fully responsive so users can navigate from every device and enjoy the experience

Come, see and enjoy how a fashion brand can offer you the best of search in an atypical but exciting way.