It is a great pleasure for our company to announce two new appointments: German Heredia, former CEO of NewTec joins as new EmpathyBroker CEO while Ángel Maldonado will promote to Chairman and board member, limiting his involvement in the company. German has been dri EmpathyBroker Team ving NewTec; a highly innovative big data and data science team for over 4 years. Since its inception, NewTech has full-grown and accomplished great achievements and breakthroughs in the areas of analytics, social media mining and information processing. Since January, German has been already an active member of EmapthyBroker’s executive team. 8 months taking key part and leadership in key business areas such as customer relations, product strategical roadmap and company operations with great success, commitment and determination. Such categories have been decisive for this appointment. On the other hand, the formalisation of German’s duties as Chief Executive will allow Angel Maldonado direct involvement as VP of Search & Navigation with RichRelevance’s new Search product; Find. An e-Commerce Search that extends Empathy’s API to achieve unique ranking models for each user’s unique intentions. RichRelevance’s wealth of experience in Personalisation add a layer of extraordinary value and potential that Ángel will lead. Both EmpathyBroker and RichRelevance will continue to operate as OEM Partners (Original Equipment Manufacturing). One step further in the exponential company development. ‘I take this opportunity to welcome German on his new role and wishing him great successes and learnings within EmpathyBroker’s Family’ says Ángel Maldonado, current Chairman in EmpathyBroker.