Christmas Findability

The jolliest time of the year is coming to town. We see “Merry Christmas” everywhere and we can’t avoid falling in love with the message whilst spending a lot of money on gifts. Have you already prepared your Christmas display boards? Well, when you run an e-commerce business there’s so much work to do, and it’s not only about decorating your windows. Besides visuals or design customization such as background skins or special banners, there’s a powerful tool that you can work on to improve your e-commerce conversion: Site Search .

People who prefer to buy online rather than conventional high street shopping are looking for immediacy and comfort. For that reason, the use of site search is increasing more and more; it helps to speed the searching process up. We highly recommend that you get ready for this Christmas Search avalanche by following these easy tips:

Boost a ‘Special Collection’

Even if you have not prepared or produced any specific collections or special products, there are products in your catalogue that fit better than others. You could create a temporary category or, even easier, create a boost with your Search tool . Just select the products you want and assign them seasonal keywords such as ‘Christmas’ or ‘Xmas’.

Be the inspiration

Ok. Maybe your products have nothing to do with the Christmas season and can be sold at any time of the year. But everybody has a lack of inspiration sometimes, even more so when trying to find something interesting for everyone else. Be creative by preparing generic boosts such as ‘present ideas’ or be even more specific with ‘present for dad’.

Transparency is still one of the big pain points on e-commerce. At this crazy time, there’s nothing more reassuring for your customers feeling that they have control before, during and after your purchase. Make your delivery and return policy accessible to your users by creating links to these pages so when someone is searching for policy terms they can easily find them within your site. As the famous Christmas song goes: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… But don’t let FINDABILITY fall.