adoreme1 Is there anything more adorable than someone who knows you better than you do? Someone who knows your preferred bra color? Okay, okay. Perhaps it sounds a little bit freaky. But when that “somebody” is one of the top underwear and lingerie e-commerce startups , it sounds much better, doesn’t it? When EmpathyBroker started working with Adore Me , the disruptive women’s intimates company based in New York City, knowledge and empathy went first: we knew that intimate apparel required a deep and delicate knowledge of customers.  So we decided to focus our work on tracking, in order to gather relevant customer data: by means of tracking every step, every search, every navigation behaviour, we would be able to increase Findability on Adore Me products. adoreme2 As we’ve already mentioned on many occasions, Findability is EmpathyBroker ’s specific unit of measurement that we keep improving every day, not just because Findability indicates the success of a site search but also because Findability can be used as a powerful merchandising and strategy tool. Furthermore, because EmpathyBroker ’ s site search engine is integrated in all devices (web, Smartphone, Tablet), Findability can be measured across all channels . This feeds into your ‘ Omnichannel Strategy ’ . adoreme3 Findability helped Adore Me increase revenue, as well as conversions: customers who don’t find a product in the traditional way, meaning by simply browsing, tend to use the search function. Because users who look for an item by using a site’s search engine have a higher intention to buy,  it’s important to show relevant results to customers by ‘understanding’ their desires. There is another reason why Adore Me loves working with EmpathyBroker: our management interface (client’s tool) is pretty customizable depending on general or strategic needs. This means that Adore Me can adjust several variables in order to rank its products in the best way , at any time they want. By navigating between different mobile devices, Adore Me knows more about its customers today. Customer knowledge doesn’t stop at past purchases: thanks to EmpathyBroker , Adore Me can now know if customers enjoy the experience across platforms – and if they managed to find the perfect bra! For all things Adore Me, download the app .