5-site-search-trends-to-adopt-in-2017 As we have pointed several times, an on-site search is more than a search box ; it can be a powerful sales tool, a continuation of your navigation menu or a stunning user experience booster. But it depends on how far your e-commerce goes with search engine . Here you have 5 amazing trends to implement right now and make the best of your e-commerce search in 2017.


It’s no wonder that so many users prefer searching instead of clicking categories. So, why is your search box in a non-relevance place? Consider your search box as part of your navigation menu or place it in a greater and more visible spot of your e-commerce layout. 5-site-search-trends-to-adopt-in-2017-1


It’s all about ringing the bell. Sometimes, users are out of ideas (or memory) and rolling suggestions out can work as a preview of your products catalogue. Even more, you are able to choose what to show up to your users: related keywords, best sellers, trending searches, latest arrivals, etc.


In case of data, more is always more. But further than quantity it’s quality what really counts: a good display of information ensures that users are going to go ahead on what they want. Filtering after searching avoids rumbling on navigation and a possible ‘bounce’.


Really… Are you willing to loose millions of sales just because your search engine is not correcting typos? It is very common to type something wrong by mistake and realize just at that exact moment. That can be frustrating, but it is even more when you fail again and again on typing a complex product name and having no results at all.


Have you ever thought about how many different ways you can search for something ‘purple’? Let’s try: violet, lilac, mauve, lavender… Not just in the case of colours but very probably there are also lots of products on your catalogue that could be searched by using different queries. Implement synonyms not only for exact meanings but for strategic sales purpose. Just take care of not powering ‘false positive results’. empathybroker-dashboard