As public and private entities, societies and individuals progress in normalizing readiness, we wanted to share how Empathy is embracing the challenges ahead.

As a summary, we believe that the current health crisis also presents an opportunity to evaluate remote work models, and we have decided to put these models to the test.

The preparations below are in review, and are likely to evolve.

That being said, the rollout of Empathy’s preparation plan is as follows:

All inter-company traveling, courses, seminars and expos will be put temporarily on hold.

  • Week 1 (2nd March): WARM UP, some critical internal functions (Ops, Data and Delivery) will work remotely, accounting for 30% of team members. Collate improvements and assign actions/tools. Communicate to employees and companies.


    • Qualify access tools and remote efficiencies.
    • Identify risks.
    • Procure mediums (connections, facilities).
    • Review ownership.
  • Week 2 (9th March): EXTEND to 60% of the company, including both internal and external functions. Iterate improvements, ownership and processes.
  • Week 3 (16th March): NORMALIZE, 90% of the company will try a remote operation, leaving work spaces for those who don’t have suitable working facilities at home.

We see this challenge as a valuable opportunity to explore and evaluate remote work, and improve remote communications and above all leadership of each team’s leads and owners.

The above measurements are not applied due to necessity, but due to a desire to normalize preparation and see the challenge ahead as an opportunity to build on flexibility, maturity and ownership.